FMH Offers New Cyber Risk Protection for Farmers

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa (FMH) today announced the new FMH Cyber Risk Protection suite, which includes two new cyber risk products to provide protection and services in the event an individual, family, or farm is the victim of a computer attack, cyber extortion, online fraud, or a breach of personal information.

“From mobile devices for the family to farm management software for a farm operation, technology is more connected and more prevalent than ever before,” said Pat Faga, FMH CMO and Executive Vice President of P&C. “Cyber attacks can happen to anyone. We want to make sure that the families and small businesses that rely on FMH to protect their homes and farms can have peace of mind knowing they can recover after a cyber attack as well.”

FMH is among the first farm insurance companies to offer protection designed specifically for precision ag equipment and software. “Precision ag technology is an important tool for any farm operation. Many of these are family-run businesses that would struggle to recover if data is stolen, lost, or extorted. Both products provide a range of coverages to account for multiple cyberattack scenarios,” added Faga.

The FMH Cyber Risk Protection suite includes two products, both of which can be added to an existing FMH Property & Casualty policy:

FMH Cyber Risk Protection Home is bundled coverage that protects families from losses such as compromised data on personal computers, mobile devices and other connected home technology, as well as damage to software and operating systems.
FMH Cyber Risk Protection Farm is comprehensive coverage that protects farm operations from losses such as compromised data on business computers, mobile devices and other connected farm technology, as well as damage to software and operating systems including precision ag technology.

“Farmers Mutual Hail has been protecting the livelihoods of America’s farmers for over 125 years,” said Faga. “We can attribute that longevity to innovation. FMH is continuously creating and offering new products and solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of farmers as technology and farming practices develop. These products reflect that innovation.”

The FMH Cyber Risk Protection suite is available anywhere FMH property products are offered. FMH Cyber Risk Protection products were developed in partnership with Hartford Steam Boiler.

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Katie Hultgren
Communications Specialist