RFA Comments on E15 Rulemaking Timeline

Ethanol interests are raising concerns about the Environmental Protection Agency delaying the start of the rulemaking process for year-round E15 until February 2019, which would make the timeline for getting it approved before next summer very tight.

Renewable Fuels Association president and CEO Geoff Cooper says they would very much like to see a proposal out sooner than February, but the administration has assured them it can be done before next summer. “We’re certainly hopeful that’s the case but it’s going to take the pedal to the metal to make that happen,” said Cooper during a conference call with reporters Thursday. He confirmed that some retailers may be hesitant about making the commitment to E15 now based on promises for next year, while a couple have already jumped on board since the president made the announcement earlier this month.

RFA CEO Geoff Cooper comments on E15 rulemaking timeline