ZimmCast 599 – BASF Cotton and Soybean Business


BASF is strongly in the cotton and soybean seed business since the acquisition of Stoneville and Fiber Max as a result of the Bayer-Monsanto deal, as well as soybean varieties such as Credenz and Liberty Link. The company has been holding several events and field days in the past month to meet with growers, retailers, and other stakeholders and talk about the new BASF portfolio.

This edition of the ZimmCast features interviews with:

Rachel Walters, BASF Cottonseed Marketing Manager
Jerry Ford, regional seed lead for the South Delta region.
Kyle Fontenot, Delta regional agronomist
Monty Christian, Head of Global Cottonseed for BASF
Lance Rochelle, BASF regional seed lead in Arkansas, Missouri
Steve Nichols, US Agronomic Services Manager
Malin Westfall, U.S. Cotton Lead for BASF

Listen to the ZimmCast here: ZimmCast 599 - BASF Cotton and Soybean Business

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