A ZimmCast on GROWMARK


This week the ZimmCast, sponsored by GROWMARK, will feature interviews from the GROWMARK Annual Meeting.

Carrie Muehling interviewed GROWMARK CEO Jim Spradlin about the company’s new strategy, based on the acronym ‘GROW’ which is not just focused on getting bigger. It’s focused on getting better.

She also interviewed Illinois farmer Rick Nelson who has served on the GROWMARK board for 28 years and is retiring from it.

Ann Kafer, vice president of human resources and strategy officer talked with Carrie about the GROW acronym which stands for Good Relationships, Resources of Unmatched Value, Optimized Supply Chain, and Winning Innovations.

Finally, you’ll hear from Chuck Spencer, GROWMARK director of corporate and government relations on watching farm policy and regulations.

All of the individual interviews are posted on the GROWMARK virtual newsroom if you would like to use them.

Listen to the ZimmCast here: ZimmCast 595 - GROWMARK Annual Meeting

Don’t forget that GROWMARK has its own podcast!