BASF Louisiana Field Day

BASF held a field day at the Northeast Research Station, St. Josep, LA to provide an update on the new BASF business as well as a focus on Stoneville and Credenz varieties.

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2018 BASF Field Day – Louisiana


BASF Showcases Cotton, Soybean Varieties – BASF Field Day Interview with Kyle Fontenot, Regional Agronomist

BASF Enlightens Customers at Field DayBASF Field Day Interview with Jerry Ford, Regional Seed Lead

BASF Continues Strong Genetics with New Varieties – BASF Field Day Interview with Greg Sadler, Greenpoint AG Region 2 Director

Alvin Rhodes, BASF, Technical Service Representative – BASF Field Day Interview with Alvin Rhodes, BASF Technical Service Representative

Hot Varieties with Kyle Fontenot – BASF Field Day Hot Varieties Interview with Kyle Fontenot