Bayer at the 2018 Farm Progress Show

Bayer was in the spotlight at 2018 Farm Progress Show as a brand new company with the acquisition of Monsanto. Farmers and media were able to learn more about how Bayer is moving forward and “Growing Stronger Together” with the agricultural community.

This virtual ag newsroom includes links to photos and audio content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.


Bayer at the 2018 Farm Progress Show


Bayer Discusses Integration With Monsanto
FPS Press Conference on Bayer Monsanto Integration

Product Interviews

Bayer Fluency Agency Advanced for SustainabilityFPS18 Bayer interview with Bill Striegel, Seed Growth Product Development Manager, Fluency Agent Advanced

Bayer’s Delaro Showing Positive Plant Health Benefits
FPS18 Bayer interview with Ray Lello, Delaro fungicide

Bayer Advocates Zero Tolerance Approach to Weeds
FPS18 Interview with Frank Ritteman, Bayer

Panel audio and interviews:

Bayer Grower Panel on Smart Agronomics at #FPS18
Bayer Grower Panel 1 - Smart Agronomics Bayer panel farmer Todd Golly, Minnesota Bayer panel farmer Kyle Meese, Illinois

Bayer #FPS18 Grower Panel on Sustainability
Bayer Grower Panel 2 - Sustainable Farming Practices FPS18 Interview with Bayer Forward Farmer Trey Hill, Maryland FPS18 Bayer panel interview with Jamie Walter, Whiskey Acres Distilling Company & Illinois farmer

2018 #FPS18 Bayer Grower Panel on Next Gen Ag
Bayer Grower Panel 3 - Preparing for the next gen of ag FPS18 Bayer panelist Bob Arndt, Wisconsin farmer FPS18 Bayer panel interview with Jill Bramble, National 4-H Council FPS18 Bayer panel interview with Greg Nickrent, Senior Relationship Manager with BMO Harris FPS18 Bayer panel interview with Jeff Waller, Wisconsin farmer FPS18 Bayer panel interview with Serena Woodard, 4-H member

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