2018 Farm Progress Show

The 2018 Farm Progress Show is being held August 28-30 in Boone, Iowa. One of the largest gatherings of producers and manufacturers, it allows the latest technology to be showcased and the opportunity to interact and learn about opportunities that can help producers learn about solutions to help their own operation. Highlighted companies at the show this year are AMVAC, Bayer, BASF, and John Deere.

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2018 Farm Progress Show

Branded FPS Newsrooms

AMVAC at 2018 Farm Progress Show

Bayer at 2018 Farm Progress Show

John Deere at 2018 Farm Progress Show

BASF at 2018 Farm Progress Show


Farm Progress Show 2018 is Underway
#FPS18 Opening Press Conference

Smart Ag Driverless Tractor Demo at #FPS18
FPS18 Smart Ag press conference

Weather Causes Early End to FPS18 Day One
2018 Farm Progress Show - Weather Announcement Day 1

BASF Dicamba press conference
#FPS18 BASF Dicamba press conference

Secretary Sonny Shows Ethanol Support
#FPS18 RFS Rally

Renewable Fuels Association past president Randy Doyal, Al-Corn Clean Energy at RFS rally
#FPS18 Interview with Randy Doyal, Al-Corn

Secretary Perdue Comments on Current Issues
FPS 18 Secretary Perdue press gaggle

Corn Growers Join Farmers For Free Trade at #FPS18
FPS18 Farmers for Free Trade, National Corn Growers press conference

New NCGA Officer Talks Top Issues at #FPS18
FPS18 Interview with Iowa farmer Kevin Ross, NCGA vice president

AMVAC Launches Force® 10G HL Insecticide
FPS 18 AMVAC Jim Lappin on new Force 10G HL and Buy 2 Get 3

Deere Adds New Tillage Models
FPS 18 John Deere 2660VT Interview with Paul Richardel

BASF launches Credenz with LibertyLink GT27
#FPS18 BASF Interview with Marc Hoobler, Soybean Agronomy Lead

Deere Introduces High-Capacity Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters
FPS18 Deere interview with Shaun Fritchey, self-propelled forage harvesters

John Deere Announces Upgrades to Utility Tractors
FPS18 Deere interview with John Doyle, 5R series utility tractors

FPS18 Features Visual Demo of AMVAC SIMPASCaleb Schultz, Simplot, explains AMVAC SIMPAS system

BASF Spotlights Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 at #FPS18
FPS18 Interview with Kerry Grossweiler about Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 FPS18 BASF Interview with James Rutledge, Product Development, Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0

John Deere Adds to Precision Technology Suite FPS18 Interview with John Mishler, Deere tactical marketing manager

Deere Adds to Tillage LineupFPS 18 Deere 2680H High-Performance Disk Interview with Paul Richardel

USFRA Keeping Agriculture EngAGedInterview with Brad Greenway, USFRA chair

Deere’s 6R Series Tractors Feature Single-Lever ControlFPS18 Deere 6R series updates interview with Lyle McMillan AMVAC’s Roots Run Deep
FPS18 Jim Lappin discusses AMVAC offerings

ILeVO Seed Treatment in BASF PortfolioFPS18 BASF interview with Jeremiah Mullock, ILeVO seed treatment 

Bayer Audio

Bayer Discusses Integration With Monsanto
#FPS18 Bayer Monsanto Integration press conference

Bayer Grower Panel on Smart Agronomics at #FPS18
Bayer Grower Panel 1 - Smart Agronomics

Bayer #FPS18 Grower Panel on Sustainability
Bayer Grower Panel 2 - Sustainable Farming Practices

2018 #FPS18 Bayer Grower Panel on Next Gen Ag
Bayer Grower Panel 3 - Preparing for the next gen of ag

Bayer’s Delaro Showing Positive Plant Health Benefits
Bayer panel farmer Todd Golly, Minnesota Interview with Ray Lello, Bayer

Bayer Advocates Zero Tolerance Approach to WeedsFPS18 Interview with Frank Ritteman, Bayer

Bayer Fluency Agency Advanced for SustainabilityFPS18 Bayer interview with Bill Striegel, Seed Growth Product Development Manager, Fluency Agent Advanced

Videos from Farm Progress

RFS Rally with Secretary Perdue –

Bayer Monsanto Integration Press Conference –

Iowa Farm Bureau Video of Driverless Tractor –

Test Driving a Textron Prowler Pro –

Interview with AMVAC –

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