2018 World Pork Expo

The 2018 World Pork Expo is celebrating 30 years at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. Presented by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) since 1987, this year’s expo includes a record-setting trade show, expanded seminar lineup, elite swine shows, and an abundance of delicious pork!

Organizers expect approximately 20,000 producers, employees, industry specialists and other pork professionals, including 1,000 international visitors, to participate in Expo’s three days.

This virtual ag newsroom, sponsored by Alltech, includes links to photos and audio content available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast.

2018 World Pork Expo photo album


2018 World Pork Expo Showcases Everything PigInterview with Jim Heimerl, NPPC President

Ibach Visits Pork Expo – USDA Under Secretary Greg Ibach at 2018 World Pork Expo WPX NPPC presser WPX NPB presser

Alltech-Hubbard-ShowRite Interviews

Viligen™ is Alltech’s Newest Innovation for Pig Producers Interview with Russell Gilliam, Alltech

Analyzing Mycotoxin Levels in Swine Feed Interview with Max Hawkins, Alltech

Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology Boosts PerformanceInterview with Russell Gilliam, Alltech

Hubbard Showcases Blueprint Swine Program at #WPX18Interview with Dr. Stewart Galloway, Hubbard

Hubbard’s Swine Research Facility a Valuable AssetInterview with Emily Fruge, Hubbard

Profitability Begins with NutritionInterview with Lori Stevemer, Hubbard

WPX18 Sets Records Interview with Steve Toft, Hubbard

Showing Swine is Show-Rite SpecialtyInterview with James Backman, Show-Rite

Show-Rite Feeds ChampionsInterview with Mari Palacio, Show-Rite

Show-Rite at World Pork ExpoInterview with Ryan Sites, Show-Rite

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