Growth Energy Comments on Recent EPA Actions

With the scandal over the Environmental Protection Agency granting numerous small refinery hardship waivers growing, Growth Energy has sent a letter to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt demanding a moratorium on waivers being issued.

In this edition of the Growth Energy Driving Ethanol podcast, CEO Emily Skor comments on this, as well as objections to the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) bankruptcy settlement, and – on the positive side – how EPA’s revisit of GHG emissions standards provides an opportunity for higher ethanol blends.

Growth Energy Podcast 4.4

This podcast is in the form of an interview, with a custom intro and outro. Please feel free to broadcast or share in the entire format or edited. Sound bites from the interview are included below.

Letter to EPA Sound Bite

Waiver Concern Sound Bite

PES Settlement, Waivers, and Ethanol Demand Sound Bite