ZimmCast on GrainXchange and Supporting Checkoffs

In this week’s program you’ll get to hear the lates episode of the GROWMARK Podcast. GROWMARK has been a long term sponsor of the ZimmCast and we thought we’d feature one of their own podcasts. You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and Google Play.

Additionally, I talk with Rob McLelland and Heidi Nelson of FLM Harvest about their new initiative called Ultimate Collaboration.  Here’s more:

A new initiative aims to spark the ultimate expression of cooperation among agricultural leaders in support of producer-funded checkoffs. Ultimate Collaboration will raise awareness of the positive impact checkoffs have on food and rural communities, and serve as a resource to farmers, program stakeholders, the general public and public officials.

“Difficult economic circumstances facing farmers and ranchers heighten the importance of farmer-funded research and promotions that help farmers achieve common goals,” says Rob McClelland, CEO of FLM Harvest, a strategic consulting, marketing and communications agency spearheading the effort. “Ultimate Collaboration works to remind farmers, program stakeholders and the public that checkoff funds do not come from taxes but rather cooperatively from farmers.”

FLM Harvest is seeking support from other ag businesses and agencies to start a grassroots movement.

Listen to the ZimmCast here: ZimmCast 576 - Ultimate Collaboration

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