2018 Soil Health Summit

Rooted in Data, Growing in Success is the theme for the 2018 Soil Health Partnership Summit, January 18-19 in Chicago. This is the fourth annual invitation-only event to share and learn about soil health and the future of agriculture.

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2018 Soil Health Summit Day One Photo Album

2018 Soil Health Summit Day Two Photo Album

4th Soil Health Summit Underway in Chicago
SHP director Nick Goeser opens 4th Soil Health Summit

UW professor Shawn Conley discusses Idea Generation and Pre-Discovery –
Dr. Shawn Conley, University of Wisconsin

Clint Chaffer, Product Marketing Lead for Distribution and Platform, The Climate Corporation Climate FieldView, talks about Corporate Strategic Planning –
Clint Chaffer, The Climate Corporation

La Crosse Seed CEO Dan Foor took the stage to discuss Market Development and New Product Roll-Out –
Dan Foor, La Crosse Seed

Jonathan Coppess, director of the Gardner Agriculture Policy Program at the University of Illinois, addressed Policy and Consumer Awareness –
Jonathan Coppess, University of Illinois

Keynote address for the opening session was provided by Dr. Robert Graney, head of Regulatory Science for Bayer, who took us on A Walk Through the Product Development Pipeline –
Dr. Robert Graney, Keynote Address

Soil Health Partnership Data Discussion and Review
Nick Goeser presentation –
Nick Goeser, 2018 SHS18

Dr. Dave Muth, VP of Agronomic Planning and Sustainability, EFC Systems, Inc. –
David Muth, EFC Systems, Inc.


Four “Seeds of Change” awards were presented at the 4th Annual Soil Health Partnership Summit, Jan. 18-19 in Chicago. The winners are:

Super Spout – Andrew Reuschel, Golden, Illinois – Andrew Reuschel Interview

Champion Communicator: Mark Mueller, Waverly, Iowa – Mark Mueller Interview

Ace Agronomist: Jack Hardwick, Beardstown, Illinois – Jack Hardwick Interview

Data Digger: Tom Vaske, Masonville, Iowa – Tom Vaske Interview

Featured Interviews

Interview with Dan Foor, LaCrosse Seed

Bayer Focusing Future Research, Innovation on SoilInterview with Dr. Robert Graney, Bayer

Interview with Tommy Jackson, Syngenta

NCGA Pleased with Soil Health ProgressInterview with Chris Novak, NCGA

Interview with Dave Muth, EFC Systems

Iowa Farmers Share Commitment to Soil HealthInterview with Iowa Farmers

Interview with Nick Goeser, Soil Health Partnership

Missouri Farmer Conserving for the Next GenerationInterview with Tim Gottman, MO farmer

Interview with Grant Kimberly, IA farmer

Interview with Grant Kimberly, IA farmer