2017 SMART Farmers

In 2017, the very first SMART Farmer podcast was introduced. It has featured interviews with the people who use data and technology to be more sustainable and to help build a smarter version of the American farm and ranch.

SMART Farmer Katie Brenny – Podcast debut featuring interviews with USFRA CEO Randy Krotz and Katie Brenny, a beef producer from Minnesota.

SMART Farmer Podcast with Chip Bowling – Maryland corn farmer uses technology to be sustainable

SMART Farmer Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare – Illinois grain farmer and USFRA board member Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare talks about using technology on her family farm

SMART Farmer Lauren Schwab – Farm Girl With Curls is a pig farmer from Ohio and one of the USFRA Faces of Farming and Ranching

SMART Farmer Galen Lee – Idaho sugarbeet farmer and USFRA board member Galen Lee talks farm technology

SMART Farmer Nancy Kavazanjian – Wisconsin corn and soy farmer and former USFRA chair talks about the technology of GPS and GMO on the farm

SMART Farmer John Deere – Interview with Bev Flores, Media Relations Manager for John Deere

SMART Farmer Scott VanderWal – Interview with Scott VanderWal – president of American Farm Bureau, USFRA board member and SMART farmer from South Dakota

SMART Farmer Brad Greenway – Interview with USFRA chairman and Pig Farmer of the Year Brad Greenway

SMART Farmer US Poultry – Interview with Monty Henderson, USFRA board member representing the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association

SMART Farmer Jennifer Houston – Tennessee livestock market owner Jennifer Houston is the 2017 NCBA Vice President and serves on the board of USFRA

SMART Farmer Carla Wardin – Michigan dairy farmer and USFRA Face of Farming and Ranching Carla Wardin talks about life on a smart dairy farm

SMART Farmer Jeanette Merritt – Indiana farmer, wife, mother, agricultural advocate on the board of USFRA

SMART Farmer Phil Borgic – Phil Borgic of Illinois serves on the board of the National Pork Producers Council and USFRA

SMART Farmer Anne Meis – Nebraska farmer Anne Meis who serves on the USFRA board talks about the importance of technolgy for agriculture

SMART Farmer Robb Fraley – Monsanto’s executive vice president discusses GMOs and the importance of agriculture to speak as one voice

SMART Farmer Emily Buck – USFRA Faces of Farming and Ranching farmer Emily Buck of Ohio talks about how smart farming also includes off-farm income

SMART Farmer Katie Roth – USFRA Face of Farming and Ranching Katie Roth, Wisconsin dairy producer, talks about caring for dairy animals

SMART Farmer Rochelle Krusemark – Interview with Minnesota grain and soybean farmer, soybean board and USFRA board member, wife, mother and grandmother

SMART Farmer Jeremy Brown – Texas cotton farmer shares his story as a USFRA Faces of Farming representative

Smart Farmer Lauren Arbogast – Interview with USFRA Face of Farming Lauren Arbogast, Virginia poultry farmer

SMART Farmer Jerry Flint – Interview with Jerry Flint, vice president of regulatory affairs for Dow DuPont agriculture division