Bayer Showcase Plot Tour – Lubbock, TX

Bayer CropScience held a Showcase Plot Tour in Lubbock, TX at their new Cotton Breeding Station. It was a rainy day so the presentations were held inside. However, there are lots of photos that include some from a tour of the new facility. Also, available are interviews with presenters and other Bayer representatives.


2017 Bayer Showcase Plot Tour – Lubbock, TX Photo Album


Lee Rivenbark, Head of Seeds North America Bayer CropScience – Overview
Interview with Lee Rivenbark, Bayer
Jason Wistehuff, product manager for FiberMax and Stoneville cotton
Interview with Jason Wistehuff, Bayer
Kenny Melton, Western Region Agronomic Manager
Interview with Kenny Melton, Bayer
Tim Culpepper, Senior Agronomist
Interview with Tim Culpepper, Bayer
Carson Downing, AgriTech Consulting
Interview with Carson Downing, AgriTech Consulting
Russ Perkins, Senior Technical Service Representative
Interview with Russ Perkins, Bayer