Arkansas Urged to Consider Impact of Dicamba Ban

Soybean leaf cupping seen from suspected dicamba drift (ZimmComm file photo)

The Arkansas State Plant Board is considering recommendations for dicamba use in the 2018 growing season that Monsanto calls “unwarranted” and BASF considers to be a “rush to judgement.”

On August 24, the state’s Dicamba Task Force voted to recommend a cutoff date of April 15 next year for the use of all dicamba products, including Monsanto’s XtendiMax and BASF’s Engenia, meaning farmers could basically only use the product as a burn down, not post emerge.

At the 2017 Farm Progress Show, BASF Midwest Technical Service Manager Gary Schmitz and BASF Vice President for U.S. Crop Scott Kay both discussed the dicamba issue and what the company is doing to address it.

Interview with Gary Schmitz, BASF
Interview with Scott Kay, BASF