Bayer Showcases Cotton and Peanuts

The peanut and cotton crops are looking especially good right now in Georgia and with harvest still about two weeks away farmers are hopeful Hurricane Irma will spare them.

“Harvest season is always critical and you can have a great year and it all be ruined by one hurricane,” said Keith Rucker, Bayer Southeast region technical service rep, during a showcase plot tour last week near Moultrie, Georgia.

The plot tour showcased Bayer solutions for peanut and cotton farmers in the southeast, including Propulse® which is a fungicide/nematicide, and Proline® fungicide with a new registration as a foliar fungicide for cotton to fight target spot.

Bayer regional agronomy manager Scott Asher talked about two new Stoneville cotton varieties introduced this year for the Southeast.

ST 5020GLT, a medium maturity variety with TwinLink, to provide season-long resistance to a broad spectrum of worms; and GlyTol and LibertyLink to control herbicide-resistant and tough weeds with the unique mode of action provided by Liberty® herbicide; and ST 5517GLTP, a later medium maturity variety with the industry-leading three-gene Bt technology of TwinLink Plus.

“The most interest in these two varieties would be around bacterial blight resistance,” said Asher, who says cases of blight increased this year in a broader area.

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