Agronomic Technology Corp announces integration with John Deere API

Agronomic Technology Corp announces the immediate availability of an integration between Adapt-N® and the John Deere Operations Center. This integration makes it even easier for farmers and agronomists to get Adapt-N’s leading nitrogen diagnostics, insights, and in-season recommendations, then apply those recommendations in the field using John Deere equipment.

Adapt-N users are now able to use their information in the Operations Center to more efficiently make informed decisions that can drive yield, reduce costs, and improve nitrogen use efficiency.

“This integration expands our growing presence in the Precision Agriculture space, and, more importantly, makes it easier for farmers to see the impact of different tillage, planting, and nutrient management approaches in their soil and with their weather,” said Steven Sibulkin, CEO of Agronomic Technology Corp, which operates Adapt-N. “This is 100% aligned with our push to get the best recommendations in real-time into the hands of farmers when and where they want them — and with no hassle or duplicated data entry.”

Users of Adapt-N are excited about the announcement. “The new integration between Adapt-N and Operations Center will allow us to import existing field boundaries and then export the recommendations seamlessly while eliminating keying mistakes. This enables our company to be much more efficient with our time and effort to reduce nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay while returning a better ROI to our growers,” says Tim Hushon, Certified Crop Advisor of The Mill, a crop input retailer located in Maryland.

Agronomic Technology Corp also provides N-Insight ®, the “instant nitrogen diagnostic tool,” and other leading agricultural solutions that incorporate soil, weather, crop and field management modeling. Adapt-N has been proven to increase farmer profitability by $30 per acre through yield increases and nitrogen use efficiency. Adapt-N also plugs into leading third-party platforms, including SST Software, EFC Systems, Agrian, and others.

For more information about Adapt-N or N-Insight, visit or contact,or call 866-208-3276.

Download the full release here.