2017 Water for Food Global Conference

Welcome to the virtual newsroom for the 2017 Water for Food Global Conference held April 10-12, 2017 at the Nebraska Innovation Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The event brings together over 400 researchers, practitioners, policymakers, farmers, faculty, students, thought leaders and industry experts to explore “Water for Food Security: From Local Lessons to Global Impacts,” a theme inspired by the notion that global breakthroughs come from local action.Participants can expect three full days of learning and networking.

The 2017 Water for Food Global Conference is a North American Regional Event for the 8th World Water Forum, the world’s largest water-related forum organized by the World Water Council.

This virtual newsroom includes links to photos, audio and video from the conference. All content posted here is available free of charge for digital or print publication or broadcast. Credit can be given to AgNewsWire.

View and download photos from the event here: 2017 Water for Food Global Conference Photo Album

Water for Food Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa
Water for Food Press Conference

A Champion of Water for Food Recognized
Jeff Raikes, Water for Food Board Chair Special Presentation for Jeff Raikes  

Water Plays Role in Food Security Initiatives
Water in Food Security Investment Strategies - Robert Bertram, USAID  

2017 #Water4Food is a Wrap
Opening remarks - Peter McCornick, Executive Director, Water for Food  
Interview with Peter McCornick, Executive Director, Water for Food  

A Little Lesson on the Water Markets
Interview with Richael Young, Mammoth Trading  

Expanding Africa’s Access to Ag Technology
Tim Prewitt, iDE Interview with Tim Prewitt, CEO, iDE

Moving Africa from Rain-Fed to Irrigated Farming
Martin Fisher, KickStart International Interview with Martin Fisher, Founder/CEO KickStart Int

More Audio

Remarks - Hank Bounds, President, University of Nebraska  

Worldwide Freshwater Water Quality - Alan Kolok, Nebraska Watershed Network  

The Role of World Bank - Steven Schonberger, World Bank  

Water in Small Scale Systems - Sithembile Mwamakamba, South Africa  

Ag in a Water-limited World - Ann Bartuska, USDA  

Chasing Water in Changing World - Brian Richter, Nature Conservancy  

Irrigation & Value Chain Development - Chandra Madramootoo, McGill University  

Groundwater Governance from Field to Global Scales Panel  

Heuermann Lecture - Arthur Gen Kawamura, former California Sec of Ag  

Closing Panel - 9 Words to Wrap Up Conference  

Upscaling Solutions: Expanding Access to Irrigation for Smallholders in Sub-Saharan Africa
Timothy Williams, International Water Management Institute  
Case Studies:
Joseph Ayembilla, Catholic Diocese of Navrongo-Bolgatanga, Ghana Richard Berkland, Valmont Industries  
Meredith Giordano, International Water Management Institute Ruth Meinzen-Dick, International Food Policy Research Institute Sithembile Mwamakamba, Food Ag & Natural Resource Policy Analysis Network