Three Patents Allowed for Eco Agro Fertilizer Technology

Eco Agro Resources announced the allowance of the first three patents for the company’s latest proprietary technology. These patent allowances are the first of over 15 patents currently in process for unique, new agricultural products developed by Eco Agro research. The allowed patents protect hundreds of possible combinations of active ingredients used to stabilize fertilizer, such as NBPT, DMPP, DCD, Nitrapyrin and multiple solvent options.

“Our vision is to create technologies that are agronomically and economically beneficial to farmers across the world”, said Ray Perkins, Eco Agro Resources President. Perkins added “Patent protection means we have a significant obligation to our business partners to insure these products are used responsibly, by approved parties, and within the scope of the patent”.

Eco Agro International President Andrew Semple said “These technologies offer new capabilities and great opportunities to the efficiency fertilizer market. Now a combination of widely proven urease inhibitors combined with the most used nitrification inhibitors can be applied directly onto fertilizers. This significant breakthrough advances fertilizer efficiency worldwide. With our Neon products, fertilizer can now be protected from both above ground losses and below ground losses with one product at a local fertilizer dealer. In the past, customized inhibitor combinations of this magnitude were required to be incorporated into fertilizer during manufacture at the nitrogen plant.”

The latest product introductions from Eco Agro include the Neon family of products – Neon Air, Neon Surface, and Neon soil. These highly concentrated combination products are specifically designed to protect nitrogen fertilizer against volatilization, nitrification and leaching. The formulas for these products have been engineered for specific soil and climatic conditions. The NEON family of products utilizes the proven nitrification inhibitor Dicyandiamide (DCD) and proven urease inhibitor N-(N-Butyl) Thiophosphoric Triamide (NBPT) and can be applied directly to urea fertilizer.

The company’s flagship product N-Yield is a next generation urease inhibitor. N-Bound is a liquid formulation nitrification inhibitor. Both are powered by Penxcel Technology providing several unique application and performance benefits. N-Yield, N-Bound, and the Neon family of products are available in the United States from Hocking International Laboratories, LLC and in the rest of the world through Eco International.

Download pdf of press release.