2017 USSEC Aquaculture Educational Opportunity

The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) and Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) joined forces to host the 2017 Aquaculture Educational Opportunity in Panama City, Panama. U.S. soybean growers, researchers and aquaculture experts gathered to take in the latest on the fastest growing animal protein – aquaculture. Attendees also visited the Panama Canal and witnessed the center of global trade and the important role U.S. soy plays in the international economy.

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2017 USSEC Aquaculture Educational Opportunity Photos

Audio files:
Aquaculture + U.S. Soy = A Budding Relationship
Bridget Owen, Soy Aquaculture Alliance

AquaAdvantage Salmon – First GM Animal Protein
Franklin Kwai-Ben, Aqua Bounty

USSEC Aquaculture Sector Update
Lucas Manomaitis, USSEC Southeast Asia Aquaculture Sector Jim Zhang, USSEC China Aquaculture Sector Sirri Kayhan, USSEC Turkey Aquaculture Sector Jairo Amezquita, USSEC Latin America Aquaculture Sector Salah Taher, USSEC Egypt Aquaculture Sector

Aquaculture Research
Dr. Andre Dumas, Center for Aquaculture Technologies

#USsoy Brings Competitive Advantage to Aquaculture
Rolland Snell, Iowa Soybean Association Director