ACE Encourages Advocates to Speak for #Ethanol

Over the past few weeks President-Elect Donald Trump has been announcing his nominations for Cabinet positions including Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. While Trump was supportive of biofuels during his campaign, notes Brian Jennings, executive vice president for the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE), Pruitt has been vocal in his opposition to clean energy including the RFS of which he has called “unworkable.”

Jennings says it is important for senators, who have both leverage and a responsibility, to secure commitments from Pruitt to ensure that programs such as the RFS, and the move to remove regulatory restrictions on the use of E15 and flex fuels are secure, before they vote to confirm Pruitt to lead the EPA.

To learn more about ACE’s call to action and their Fly-In, listen to my interview with Brian Jennings here: Interview with Brian Jennings, ACE