2016 North American PRRS Symposium

prrs-2016The 2016 North American PRRS Symposium was held December 3-4 in Chicago. The PRRS symposium was expanded this year to include emerging and foreign animal diseases.

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc. (BIVI) once again sponsored a session at the annual symposium focused on prevention. Links on this page include photos and stories from the event.

2016 BIVI PRRS Seminar Photo Album

Swine Health Monitoring Project UpdateInterview with Bob Morrison, University of Minnesota

Big Data in Swine Health – Measure, Model, Fix
Interview with Dr. Jim Lowe, University of Illinois

Pork Producers Working Together to Control PRRS
Interview with Dr. Erin Lowe, BIVI

Biosecurity and the Control of PRRS
Interview with Dr. Daniel Linhares, Iowa State University

A History Lesson on Shed & Spread of PRRS
Interview with Dr. Roger Main, Iowa State University

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