Car Talk Host Answers #Ethanol & Cars Questions

likis-smallAs more and more consumers choose ethanol at the pump, Bobby Likis, host of Bobby Likis Car Clinic, says there is a continued need to educate mechanics about ethanol. Likis is a 45-year auto veteran who in his shop has worked on more than 200,000 cars and he loves ethanol. He said that most car problems are not caused by ethanol, but by neglect. Likis and I spoke in-depth about ethanol and technicians and following is our discussion.

Q1: How well-versed are today’s auto mechanics when it comes to ethanol fuels?
Bobby Likis on need for ethanol education

Q2: How familiar are technicians with the basics of ethanol and its assets?
Bobby Likis on mechanics level of ethanol knowledge Bobby Likis' 1 minute ethanol history

Q3: As the auto industry moves to achieve 2025 CAFE Standards of 54.5 mpg, how do/should the industry, or others, keep auto technicians informed about these changing technologies such as higher blends of ethanol?
Bobby Likis on achieving 2025 CAFE standards

Q4: What is the future of ethanol and engines?
Bobby Likis on future of ethanol Bobby Likis closing thoughts