AgCompass Aids Critical Business Decisions Collaboration

logo_agcompass_green-brown-blackWith commodity prices falling, already tight operating margins may become even tighter, increasing the need for farm partners to keep an eye on their operating expenses. One solution that many producers have turned to is remote hosting of their software so that all the farm partners can be on the same page when making critical business decisions. AgCompass provides reliable U.S.-based software hosting to producers and CPA firms.

“With AgCompass, farm managers and consultants can look at farm data together in real time, securely from anywhere, allowing them to make informed and timely decisions that have a positive impact on the bottom line” said Nick Chambers, AgCompass business development manager. “AgCompass has been hosting software for agribusiness and CPA firms since 2003. Our solution provides the flexibility and collaboration that improves a farm’s efficiency, while producers maintain control and data independence.”

Interview with Nick Chambers, AgCompass

AgCompass also saves farmers time, and potential stressful situations, by handling all software updates and daily data backups. The advantage of off-site back up in AgCompass’ world-class data center is that a farm’s data is safe from computer crashes or any other on-farm disaster. In addition, the remote access enables farm partners to keep tabs on the operation while their away.

“I don’t have to worry about going on vacation,” says Cheryl Walsh, who manages the finances and payroll of Cowser Field and Feedlot in Peoria, IL. “It is worth a lot knowing I can keep tabs on the company away from home with AgCompass.”

The value of shared data is especially apparent as tax season approaches. AgCompass is used by CPA firms to help them collaborate more efficiently with their clients, to save on travel expenses, to reduce IT costs, and to focus on providing higher-value services.

“With the shared environment, clients and our staff have easier access to their financial records and our staff can easily support them to maintain robust financial statements,” said John McNutt, a business consultant at Latta Harris. “With Ag Compass we help our clients reduce costs freeing up everyone to concentrate on adding value instead of moving files around.”

Sharing a background in agriculture and with Midwestern values, the IT Staff at AgCompass provides one-on-one technology support. However, the only requirements for the customer are an internet connected device and a secure connection to the AgCompass cloud server. Installation is easy and there’s nothing new to learn. Farms use the same software that they use now.

Dedicated to helping grow small businesses, AgCompass recently launched a new website at and a video. AgCompass also has a subscription newsletter and a blog with monthly posts from Purdue University’s Ag Economy Barometer. To schedule a free consultation and demonstration call 844-4-AGCLOUD.

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