Meet Donnell Rehagen New NBB CEO

donnell-nbb-16-3Prior to being named CEO of the National Biodiesel Board this week, Donnell Rehagen had been the organization’s number two man, the behind-the-scenes guy who got stuff done. His last 12 years as COO have well-prepared him for his new role, replacing Joe Jobe who resigned in May. “It’s given me the opportunity to learn about all the aspects of the National Biodiesel Board…initiatives like the technical research we do on fuel quality, the marketing and advertising we do to promote our product,” said Rehagen.

The industry has experienced some significant highs and lows over the past decade but Rehagen says the state of the biodiesel industry right now is strong. “We believe we could have been way stronger now than we are if we had some consistent policy support,” he said. “Our members struggle to make the proper investments for plant expansions when they’re uncertain about some of the initiatives that support biodiesel – specifically the biodiesel tax credit and the RFS.”

And Rehagen says they are looking forward to the 2017 National Biodiesel Conference coming up January 16-19 in San Diego.

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