Disneyland Hosts #CAPCA16 & #Ag Superheros

capca-42nd-annual-conferenceCAPTAIN CAPCA and Dr. Foe battled it out in the opening credits to this year’s 42nd annual California Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA). The event took place in a great location for a superhero and villain – Disneyland – in Anaheim, California October 16-18, 2016. This year’s theme was Feeding the Nation – Fighting the Fear and the speakers covered all angles of what increasing consumer interest in agriculture means for the pesticide business from innovative technologies and tools to data to drones to biopesticides to water quality and nutrient management and much, much, more.

Special thanks to FMC Corporation for covering our CAPCA adventure.

42nd Annual CAPCA Photo Album.

FMC’s Kasper Talks Pesticides & Regs at #CAPCA16
John Kasper, FMC John Kasper, FMC, CAPCA Conference

FMC’s “Buck” Buckwalter Awarded Highest CAPCA Honor
Interview with Henry Buckwalter, FMC

FMC’s Expanding Portfolio Offers New Fungicides
Interview with Kaustubh Borah, FMC

FMC Rhyme Addresses Disease Concerns
Interview with Matt Rackerby, FMC on Rhyme and Fracture FMC's Matt Rackerby on Shark EW

FMC’s Rhyme Tough on Powdery Mildew
Interview with Tim Ksander, FMC