2016 Deere Product Reveal and FPS

John Deere Reveal 16John Deere hosted ag media today at their Des Moines Works facility in Ankeny, Iowa. The #JDReveal kicked off with remarks from Rosalind Fox, factory manager who gave attendees a brief introduction including some cool facts about their facility. The focus of the event was to share new products with the media and John Deere unveiled new technologies including sprayers/nutrient applicators, seeding products, harvesting products. The company continued its roll out to the public at the 2016 Farm Progress Show.

John Deere 2016 Product Reveal Photo Album

2016 John Deere Product Reveal #JDReveal
Rosalind Fox, John Deere, Welcome

StarFire 6000 Receiver Shines at #JDReveal
Interview with Jarred Karnei

Eight Row Folding Corn Head Unveiled by @JohnDeere
Kevin Ripple, John Deere

John Deere’s New Nozzles Get the Job Done
Interview with Lydia Thomas, John Deere

Deere Rolls Out High Capacity Nutrient Applicator at FPS
Interview with Jason Beuligmann, John Deere

John Deere- Part of the Precision Revolution
Aaron Wetzel, John Deere Reveal

John Deere Hagie Joint Venture Progressing Well
Kevin Marshall Sprayer Technology Presentation

MaxEmerge 5e Rolling Out in 2017
Interview with Ryan Hough, MaxEmerge

Deere’s Nutrient Applicator Ready for Order
Interview with Doug Felter, John Deere

AutoTrac™ Vision in Sight for 2017
Interview with Sara Flohr, John Deere

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