Bayer Showcase Plot Tours

28880732475_31e930dbba_zBayer has been holding a series of Showcase Plot Tours around the country since early July and we had a chance to check out the latest in cotton, peanuts and soybeans for the Southeast at the company’s brand new breeding facility near Dawson, GA. We also attended the the Athens, IL event to find out more of what Bayer has in store for soybeans and corn.

Bayer Showcase Days Photo Album

Bayer Showcases #Peanuts and #Cotton
Interview with John Hand, Bayer

Bayer in the Land of #Cotton and #Soybeans
Interview with Josh Mayfield, Bayer

Bayer’s Showcase Plot Tour Offers Real-Life Education
Interview with Daren Bohannan, Bayer

Year Two of LibertyLink #RealYield Sweepstakes
Interview with Daren Bohannan, Bayer

Bayer’s Credenz Has All the Options
Interview with Nick Weidenbenner, Bayer

Grower Perspective @Bayer Showcase Plot Tour
Interview with Denis Kopp, grower

Bayer is into #Peanuts
Interview with Keith Rucker, Bayer