.@EthanolACE Unveils #E15 & #FFV Retailer Roadmap

ACE Retailer RoadmapDuring the 29th Annual Ethanol Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota this morning, the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) released a new publication that will help answer some of the most frequently asked questions by retailers about E15, E85 and flex fuels.

ACE VP of Market Development, Ron Lamberty, describes the E15 and Flex Fuel Retailer Roadmap, as a reference guide for fuel marketers, retailers and equipment companies, with information to help them understand E15 and flex fuels, while also identifying routes station owners can take if they want to sell higher blends says.

“There was a time when service stations had a rack full of roadmaps showing the main highways and roads in the state, with more detailed maps of the state’s bigger cities. Journeys were planned by looking for the place you wanted to go, and considering all of the routes that could get you there,” explained Lamberty on the call. “The E15 and Flex Fuel Retailer Roadmap is like those maps. It’ s not a GPS system providing turn-by-turn instructions – because every retail station owner’s journey is different.”

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