GROWMARK Endure Advocate Awards

Growmark_logoThis year GROWMARK recognized the efforts of five crop specialists who have excelled at engaging farmers in using sustainable, best-management practices with the GROWMARK Endure 4R Advocate award. The honor is given for working with farmers to increase their use of the 4R approach; applying fertilizers at the right source, right rate, right time and right place, and for encouraging growers to use a nitrogen monitoring program like N-WATCH.

This year’s winners are: Logan Haake, precision ag manager at Legacy Farmers Cooperative; Rick Klevze, Certified Crop Advisor at GROWMARK FS since 1994; Malcolm Stambaugh, crop specialist for Ag View FS; Jason Wesslund, area manager for the eastern half of Heritage FS; and Chris Snip, CCA with AGRIS Co-operative. Learn more about what they do and why GROWMARK recognized them for their efforts in these interviews.

Endure 4R Advocate Award Program from @GROWMARK
Interview with Lance Ruppert, GROWMARK

4R Approach is Personal to Ontario Crop Advisor
Interview with Chris Snip, Agris Co-op

4R Approach is Just Good Agronomy
Interview with Rick Klevze, GROWMARK FS

How @GROWMARK Award Winner Supports 4R Concept
Interview with Jason Wesslund, Heritage FS