@GROWMARK Award Winner Supports 4R Concept

growmark-4r-jasonJason Wesslund, area manager for the eastern half of Heritage FS in central Illinois, was one of five crop specialists recently named as the first recipients of the new GROWMARK Endure 4R Advocate award. Wesslund supervises four agronomy locations and four energy territories and also leads education and training of sustainable best management practices at Heritage FS.

Wesslund uses the 4R approach to make recommendations because it’s the right thing to do. “The 4Rs are the four basic principals – right source, right rate, right time, and right place,” Wesslund says. “When we make recommendations for our growers … we want to do everything we can with what we’re given so the crops can use the products effectively.”

Listen to Jason talk more about the award and his commitment the 4R concept here. Interview with Jason Wesslund, Heritage FS