TerrAvion Offers Plane-Based Precision Ag

TerrAvionRobert Morris served in the U.S. Army as a Technical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Platoon Leader in Afghanistan. His ground-breaking work helped uncover intelligence that made critically important strategic decisions, but after returning to the states Morris realized drones were the wrong choice for agriculture.

Instead a conversation with a buddy led Morris to start TerrAvion, an aerial imaging service for agriculture that uses planes instead of drones. And while drone-based businesses are booming, ($3.4 billion forecast for agriculture applications) Morris says the economics just aren’t there for a grower. “Electric drone collection uses 20 times more labor per acre than planes,” says Robert. “And a typical drone can collect aerial images for just 4,200 acres in one day versus 500,000 acres for a plane. The economics are pretty clear,” he says.

Listen to Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Robert Morris to learn more about TerrAvion and plane-based precision technology: Interview with Robert Morris, TerrAvion