Ethanol Report: #Ethanol & Boating Go Together

ethanol-report-adWith Memorial Day comes the official start of the summer boating season and the ethanol industry is working hard to correct the misconceptions about using ethanol blended fuel in marine engines.

In this Ethanol Report, Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) Vice President of Industry Relations Robert White talks about the effort and what boaters should know when they go to fill up at the dock this summer.

Listen here: Ethanol Report on Boating and Ethanol

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  1. Despite your assurances otherwise, there are millions of small engines (outboards, lawnmowers, weed eaters and emergency generators) that simply do not function long with even the minimal blend of ethanol … no matter the suggested procedures for preventing ethanol issues being followed. Point of fact, that such “preventive” measures are even needed is proof positive that ethanol is a defective product that is being forced on the public. Were there any real concern for small engine owners, there would already be, in place, a waiver from this RFS mandated boodoggle.

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