#Dairy Farmers Questions Prez Candidates

Republican presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump were both asked about immigration and farm labor by Wisconsin dairy farmers during CNN town hall events in that state this week.

cruz-dairyWisconsin dairy farmer Jason Vorpahl, asked Cruz about about immigrant workers. Noting the need for an adequate labor force for agriculture, Cruz indicated the answer may be increasing mechanization and technology.

Listen to Cruz’s response to the question here: Sen. Ted Cruz addresses farm labor question

trump-dairyWisconsin dairy farmer John Pagel asked Trump if he can “develop a policy that will give us that, give us the people that we have here to stay here and do the jobs and create a policy that can bring people in to fill the jobs?” Trump noted that dairy farmers are “in the same position as the California grape growers because they need people to come in” and he stressed the word “legally.”

Listen to Trump’s answer here: Trump addresses farm labor question