2016 @BASFAgproducts Science Behind

basf-classic16-scienceThe pre-Commodity Classic BASF event for 2016 was the Science Behind Living Acres. Held at the New Orleans Audubon Butterfly Garden Insectarium, the event featured a closer look at biodiversity with research and guidance from BASF to help cultivate a habitat for monarchs alongside modern agriculture.

During the Commodity Classic, BASF introduced Maglis, an online agricultural platform designed to help farmers manage crops more effectively and efficiently. In addition, BASF celebrated 10 years of helping the agriculture industry #GrowSmart by joining with commodity organizations to award scholarships to students pursuing agricultural careers. And the BASF exhibit featured lots of butterflies and a John Deere Gator giveaway.

Check out all the BASF events around Classic in this photo album – BASF Science Behind Living Acres Photo Album

BASF Science Behind #LivingAcres
Interview with Max Safarpour, BASF Interview with Luke Bozeman, BASF Interview with Dr. Harold Coble, NC State

BASF Kicks Off #Classic16 with #LivingAcres
Interview with Scott Kay, BASF Interview with Paul Rea, BASF

BASF Launches Online Platform for Farmers
Interview with Paul Rea, BASF on Maglis

BASF Hosts Panel on Risk Management
Interview with Niel Bentley, BASF Interview with Walker Gottfried, Ohio Farmer Interview with Travis Harrison, Green Field Ag Interview with Brent Gloy, Purdue University

More About Maglis from @BASFAgProducts
Interview with Scott Kay, BASF on Maglis Interview with Bruce Erickson, Purdue

Details About Maglis from @BASFAgProducts
Interview with Neil Doherty, BASF on Maglis Interview with Ben Moore, Indiana farmer

#Classic16 Celebrates Decade of Scholarships
Interview with John Schultz, BASF Interview with Morgan Perez, 2012 wheat scholarship winner Interview with Carly Cummings, 2010 corn scholarship winner Interview with Laura Thompson, 2008 SOY scholarship winner