Ethanol Key Issue in 2016 Iowa Caucuses

caucusSen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) won the Republican ticket in Iowa last night with Donald Trump coming in second despite Cruz’s ambiguity on ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). However, ethanol has gained a significant amount of positive ground according to a press conference held by Growth Energy. On the call:

  • Tom Buis, Co-Chair of Growth Energy
  • Monte Shaw, Executive Director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association
  • Paul Tewes, Political Strategist

Buis noted on the call that the oil industry is calling the results proof that Iowans don’t care about ethanol. However, he says the facts are: “Over 80 percent of the votes yesterday in Iowa were cast for candidates that are in favor for the RFS.”

Listen to the full press conference including the Q&A here: Iowa Caucus Results Press Conference