Mavrx Announces First Promotional Grower Offer

Mavrx-logo-2CMavrx, a leader in Ultra-High-Resolution (UHR) imagery for agriculture, introduced its first promotional grower offer during the 2016 Top Producer Seminar. Mavrx CEO Max Bruner made the announcement at a series of luncheon meetings with top growers during the event where Mavrx is a premier sponsor.

Bruner explains, “With commodity prices the lowest in years, growers are seeking tools to help them squeeze out more yield and save money where they can. Ultra-High-Resolution imagery and the Mavrx algorithms and tools help focus attention where it is needed. Rather than walking every field, growers and their advisors can identify through imagery the economic impact of yield at risk and prioritize where to go to get a real head start on what they might do.”

At $1000 for 500 acres including three sets of images per acre, pricing for the new Mavrx Optimizer offer is lower than historic costs for aerial imagery, and significantly lower than the cost of flying your own drones. Bruner feels a real sense of urgency in helping farmers get this technology in their hands. “By using piloted aircraft, and a proprietary Mavrx system to collect the imagery and delivery it, we can get the volume of acres covered with less operating time and at a lower cost,” shares Bruner. “We’re able to pass some of those savings on to growers, which is important at a time like this.”

He shared that the Mavrx Optimizer Offer includes a number of new imagery-driven, high-value analytical tools for driving profitability in 2016, along with a number of features that were field-tested in 2015.

• Mavrx Field Velocity helps farmers compare the performance of a field to its own historic performance, and to that of other fields in the area. This objective information can help farmers identify fields that are off track and those progressing above average, tailoring their management to the field’s potential this season.
• The Mavrx In-Season Nitrogen (beta) tool uses a novel type of Ultra-High-Resolution imagery to precisely measure the nitrogen demand of the crop – a unique and robust approach in a space where most other VRN solution providers rely almost entirely on modeling. Tissue sample measurements calibrate the recommendation for higher accuracy, so farmers will save money by only using the amount of fertilizer needed in a variable rate prescription.

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