Real Growers Discuss Experiences with Liberty Link

Bayer Liberty LinkIf you listen to farm radio you probably have heard spots for Bayer’s LibertyLink system. Last fall they included promotion for the RealYield game which ended December 31, 2015. Those commercials, moderated by Cindy, came from real interviews with real growers like Reid Atha from northwest Missouri. Here is a full interview instead of just a sixty second spot.

Cindy asked Reid what the biggest challenges are to farming in his area. Last year it was the weather but on a year to year basis it is weed control. He says that he’s going into his third season using the LibertyLink system. During the 2015 season he saw excellent weed control even with the weather challenges. As he puts it after treating with Liberty, “It smoked everything.” He didn’t plant a single bean until June 14th last year but says his yields were excellent.

Listen to Cindy’s interview with Reid for his full story: Reid Atha, Missouri