Barnstorm Helps Growers Share Their Stories

barnstormWhat does reputation have to do with farming and ranching? Actually, a lot! The folks at Osborn Barr truly believe it and have launched Barnstorm, a site solely dedicated to helping farmers and ranchers share their story, build their brand and establish a trusted reputation. Karen Pfautsch, Director of Barnstorm, sat down with cattle producers during the recent Missouri Cattlemen’s Convention to express the importance of defining goals, knowing your audience and being active online.

A thought for the day from the Barnstorm website: “Your greatest asset isn’t measured by horsepower or by hundredweight. It isn’t stored in a bin or even the bank. It doesn’t run on diesel or graze in pastures. Your greatest asset isn’t your land, your livestock or even your equipment. Your greatest asset is your reputation.”

Listen to Jamie Johansen’s interview with Karen here: Interview with Karen Pfautsch, Barnstorm