Employees Earn FS Certified Applicator Awards

growmarkMore than 400 individuals completed special training to become FS Certified Applicators. The individuals, employed by FS companies throughout North America, completed in person and on-line training sessions and tests to enhance their skills in application, safety, and best management practices.

Lance Ruppert, GROWMARK Director of Strategic Agronomy marketing said the goal of the program is to develop best in class applicators to enhance customer experience and give growers the most precise application of crop protection products and fertilizers as possible. “2015 was the first year for the program and it was a great success. New crop protection products and seed traits that will create the opportunity to apply higher risk products during the growing season have produced the need for awareness and best management practices and training. The demand and need for multiple, precise fertilizer applications to maximize crop utilization have also come into focus for grower profitability and environmental sustainability,” added Ruppert.

The employees who completed the training were recognized with an award and plaque to be displayed at their locations. The program will be offered again later this year.

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