CNH Focuses On Innovation For Customers

CNH-logoDavid Larson, head of Precision Solutions and Telematics Operations in North America for CNH Industrial, spoke with Chuck Zimmerman this week to give an update on the latest announcement from CNH & Raven; an expanded and strengthened supply agreement between the two companies.

The new agreement strengthens an existing long term relationship that CNH has had with Raven. There has been an agreement between the two companies for a number of years that covers components and systems; things like flow meters, rate controllers, valve controllers, AutoBoom height control, and AccuBoom automatic suction control.

“This strengthened agreement is a supply and development agreement; this allows for rapid innovation for both companies. Rather than only having components available as an aftermarket, we believe the real opportunity is for CNH and Raven to do more collaborative innovation on components that are targeted towards our specific groups of customers as well as integrated into our machines as part of the core design. What you get is a more robust product in terms of all the things that you can do because it is built in instead of added on.” David Larson, CNH.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with David Larson here: Interview with David Larson, CNH Industrial

For more information on the agreement, and to hear from Raven’s Paul Welbig, click here.