Why AgriBusinesses Should Have a Crisis Plan

Eileen Wixted-1A recent ZimmComm poll asked the question, “Does your agribusiness/operation have a crisis communications plan?” and 39 percent said “no” and “didn’t see a need”. To learn more about why ALL agribusinesses should have a crisis communications plan, Joanna Schroeder reached out to a highly respected and well known crisis firm, Wixted & Company, and spoke with Principal and Founder Eileen Wixted.

“In today’s highly connected technological environment in which we operate, having a crisis communications plan is just really smart business risk mitigation,” said Wixted. “Your brand, your reputation, your relationship with your customers, your ability to continue to be successful, frequently hinges not only on your operational excellence, but also on how people feel and what they believe about your company. Having a crisis communications plan in place allows you to be able to execute and implement strategies when the unthinkable happens. It really should be viewed as a must have business plan.”

Wixted stressed that what is really important is to do your crisis planning when you don’t have a crisis.

Eileen along with the Wixted & Company team can be reached at 515-226-0818 or by visiting www.thinkwixted.com.

Learn more about why your organization should have a crisis communications plan by listening to my interview with Eileen Wixted: Interview with Eileen Wixted, Wixted & Company