New N-BOUND Stabilizer for Urea

Eco AgroEco Agro introduces N-BOUND™ nitrogen stabilizer as a breakthrough for protecting nitrogen against loss in the soil, due to denitrification and leaching. Unique PENXCEL technology delivers a proven nitrogen stabilizer, Dicyandiamide (DCD), for applications not possible with previous formulations.

Norm Davy, Chief Marketing Officer for Eco Agro explains, “Using PENXCEL technology, we have engineered a formulation that can be applied to three different nitrogen sources to protect against loss. First, on urea we can add our fast-drying stabilizer and keep the granules flowing freely. Second, in UAN, N-BOUND eliminates the floating clumps of powder and settling hassles.” Davy continues, “And third, for anhydrous ammonia, growers can use non-corrosive N-BOUND stabilizer in their fall and spring applications, either blended into the tank or metered in line.” In all tests conducted with various anhydrous equipment manufacturers, N-BOUND stabilizer has been proven non-corrosive and was accurately metered through standard systems.

N-BOUND stabilizer is a breakthrough for a stabilizer with limited use because of its handling characteristics. Davy recounts the challenges. “With the original powder DCD you have a real hard time mixing it into fertilizer. While DCD delivered results at a research level, without a viable formulation, the market never developed. It was just too difficult.”

Davy thinks growers and retailers will now give this stabilizer another try. “N-BOUND opens up possibilities for growers and retailers never available before. We make it easy to use with a liquid formulation that blends fast and eliminates the hoisting of heavy bags of powder into a tank”.

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