2015 World Dairy Expo

WDEShow The 2015 World Dairy Expo, held September 29 through October 3rd, has an attendance of over 75,000, including over 3,000 international attendees from 94 countries.

The expo’s dairy show exhibits over 2000 head of seven different breeds of cattle, hailing from 37 states, 11 provinces in Canada, and Mexico. It is also the largest dairy trade show in the world, hosting 835 companies from 24 countries.

2015 World Dairy Expo Photo Album

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World Dairy Expo Welcome Interview with Scott Bentley, World Dairy Expo General Manager

WDE Releases Commemorative Book World Dairy Expo We Need A Show Press Conference

New Holland Increases Support for WDE Interview with Michael Cornman, Case New Holland

WDE Book Celebrates Show’s Founder
Interview With Roy Hetts, Crescent Beauty Farm

New Holland’s Forage Cruisers Impress at #WDE15
Interview with Doug Otto, New Holland

#WDE15 Facilitates International Collaboration Interview With Al Deming, WDE Board of Directors

Wisconsin Sec of Ag Talks Policy at WDE Interview with Wisconsin Sec. of Ag Ben Brancel

Alberta Youth Wins #WDE15 Fitting Contest Interview With Lee Morey, WDE Exhibitor

Alice In Dairyland Engages Youth in Agriculture Interview with Teyanna Loether, 68th Alice in Dairyland

Art Exhibit Showcases Cargill Dairy Dreams
Interview with Josh Hushon, Cargill

NASDA’s Mission to Grow & Enhance Agriculture
Interview with Dr. Barb Glenn, NASDA

Purina Launches Amplicalf Program
Interview with Ralph Gill and Thomas Johnson, Purina

South African Farmer Recognized at WDE
Interview with Kevin Lang, Fairfield Dairy

NASDAS Mission To Control Agriculture
Interview with Dr. Barb Glenn, NASDA

Purina Launches Amplicalf Program
Interview with Ralph Gill and Thomas Johnson, Purina

Vetericyn Plus Pinkeye Spray Requires No Withdrawal
Interview with Scott VanWinkle, Vetericyn

Dairy Goat Producers Represented at WDE
Interview with Tom Considine, American Dairy Goat Association

Help Celebrate 50 Years of World Dairy Expo
Interview with Co-Editors of We need a show

2015 World Dairy Expo Summary

Acres And Avenues Connects Consumers to Dairy
Interview with Ray Prock, Dairy Management Inc.

#WDE15 Dairy Woman of The Year
Interview with Rosie Geiger, WDE Dairy Woman of the Year

Media Legend Named #WDE15 Industry Person of the Year
Interview with Jim Dickrell, WDE Dairy Industry Person of the Year

Bayer Releases Antibiotic-free BRD Treatment
Interview with Dr. Larry Hawkins, DVM, Bayer Health Care

Vita Plus Launches BSF-18
Interview with Noah Litherland, PhD, Vita Plus Corporation

Dairy Care 365 Provides Key Training & Proven Success
Interview with Dr. Mike Bolton, Dairy Care 365

Innovation Changes Everything at DeLaval
Interview with Mark Futcher, DeLaval

WDE Highlights Master Cheesemaker Program
Interview with John Umhoefer, Wisconsin Cheesemakers Assoc. Interview with Tom Jenny, Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker

GEA Robotic Milkers Impress at WDE

Interview with Paul Burdell, GEA

#WDE15 Focused on Global Dairy Policy

Interview with Mark Stephenson, UW Extension

Life of a Dairy Show Heifer

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