New ECOSYSTEM Launched

Eco AgroThe Eco Agro ECOSYSTEM™ is bringing the ability to custom manufacture enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) to your local retailer. The system will allow EEFs to be produced on-demand, customized to local conditions and without requiring extra storage bins. The development of PENXCEL Technology and products based on that platform make it possible to quickly blend a customized mix of stabilizers to meet the local need.

Andrew Semple, CEO of Eco Agro explains “We’ve seen interest from fertilizer manufacturers in developing the EEF market worldwide. The challenge is the significant investment in infrastructure required to segregate materials during manufacture, storage, transportation and distribution.” Semple explains that the North American market has the ability to meet the needs for EEFs without these capital expenditures.


“Most modern retailers have the proper equipment in place to use our products in the ECOSYSTEM without additional investment,” observes Semple. Eco Agro has initiated testing the ECOSYSTEM approach with the help of equipment manufacturers who supply the industry with blending equipment. Semple states, “A number of these equipment companies have embraced the ECOSYSTEM. It allows the local retailer to use their existing bins and blending capacity. And the companies have been testing N YIELD and N-BOUND stabilizers in their equipment development trials for new machinery as well.”

Norm Davy, CMO of Eco Agro has worked with the equipment companies as they have successfully tested the ECOSYSTEM concept. Davy shares, “The equipment industry leaders appreciate the ease of using PENXCEL products like N YIELD and new N-BOUND nitrogen stabilizers. The liquid products pump easy, even in cold weather. In a blender, they quickly coat and penetrate fertilizer granules. And they aren’t corrosive.” Faster blending times and drier, free-flowing product get positive reviews from retailers as well. Repeated demonstrations show the system delivers, in high-throughput systems, including tests in below freezing conditions.

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