Biodiesel & Bioheat Forum

Biodiesel & Bioheat ForumThis week the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council conducted a first ever event in Mankato, MN. The event, “Biodiesel 2015 & Beyond: A Biodiesel/Bioheat Forum,” brought together biodiesel industry market developers, researchers and a number of representatives of east coast oil heat and fuel companies. The open forum is provided an educational look at what’s going on in the biodiesel industry and the work being done to develop bioheat as a good heating fuel option for the northeast.

The program was divided into two sessions moderated by Tom DiBacco, broadhead. In the first session we heard from Paul Nazzaro, Nazzaro Group, NBB Petroleum Liaison, providing an overview of biodiesel markets. He is followed by John Wenzel, FC Stone, who talked on emerging markets. Next up was John Huber, National Oilheat Research Alliance and Michael Trunzo, New England Fuel Institute who spoke about Bioheat and the evolution of Oil Heat.

There was no way to get a clean feed of the session audio but I recorded it anyway and did a little clean up on it. All interviews are fine though and several more will be posted by next week.

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Biodiesel and Bioheat Forum
Biodiesel/Bioheat Forum Session 1 Biodiesel/Bioheat Forum Session 2

Winning Potential for Bioheat in Northest
Clark Johnson, MN State Representative

Bioheat Great Option for Winter Heating
John Huber, NORA

Hart Home Comfort Adds Bioheat to Usurp Competition
Ray Hart, Hart Home Heating

New Biodiesel Techs, Feedstocks Help Expand Bioheat
Doug Root, Ag Utilization Research Institute

Everyone Wins with Bioheat
Paul Nazzaro, Nazzaro Group

Eric Degesero: Bioheat Wins Environmental Contest
Eric Degesero, Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey

RINS, Tax Credit Good Drivers of Biodiesel
John Wenzel, FC Stone

Biodiesel & Bioheat Forum Huge Success
Keith Schrader, MN Soybean Research & Promotion Council