#RFSWorks Hearing and Rally

rfs-worksHundreds of ethanol supporters showed up in Kansas City, Kansas on June 25, 2015 for a public hearing on the EPA’s proposed volume obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and a Rally for Rural America.

The hearing heard testimony from over 200 stakeholders, including corn farmers, ethanol and biodiesel producers. The rally featured comments from the governors and agriculture secretaries of Missouri and Iowa, as well as representatives from industry organizations. Prior to the hearing, EPA officials visited an ethanol production facility in Garnett, Kansas.

EPA RFS Public Hearing photos

EPA Officials Visit Kansas Ethanol PlantInterview with Jeff Oestmann, EKAE and Geoff Cooper, RFA

EPA Official Ready for Long DayInterview with Chris Grundler, EPA

Governors Tell EPA the #RFSWorks
Iowa and Missouri Governors at EPA Hearing IA and MO governors and ag directors at RFS rally

RFA Chair tells EPA to Tear Down That WallRFA chair Randy Doyal at RFS rally

Corn Growers Tell EPA the #RFSWorksNCGA testimony at RFS hearing Full RFS Works Rally

Retailers Counter EPA Blend Wall BeliefsFuel retailer Cheryl Near at RFS Rally

EPA Hearing Turnout to Show #RFSWorksEPA RFS Hearing panel 1

EPA’s Grundler Visits #RFSWorks RallyEPA's Chris Grundler remarks at RFS hearing

Citizen Testimony at EPA RFS HearingInterview with EPA hearing witness Austin Ludowese