Bayer CropScience Corn & Soybean Future Forum

Bayer CropScience 2014 Corn and Soybean Future ForumThe 2014 Bayer CropScience Corn and Soybean Future Forum takes place in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Future Forum will be an excellent networking opportunity with interesting lectures, expert discussions and an attractive side program that feature upcoming trends and technologies in corn and soybean and will provide new insights into current and upcoming challenges and possible solution approaches.


Bayer CropScience Dedicated to Corn & Soybeans
Mathias Kremer Welcome Address Mathias Kremer Questions and Answers Interview with Mathias Kremer

Discussing Future Corn & Soybean IssuesInterview with Alan Ayers

The Best Time Ever in AgricultureDr. Lowell Catlett Remarks Interview with Dr. Catlett

Weather Impacts on Corn Soybean Yield & Trading
Kyle Tapley Presentation

Bayer CropScience Advancing Sustainable AgLiam Condon Remarks

Make Your Message More PersonalInterview with Julie Borlaug

Diverse World of Farming Needs Diverse SolutionsInterview with Kip Tom, Tom Farms

Weed Management for Soybean SustainabilityInterview with Ray Gaesser, American Soybean Association

Forum Looks at Future of Corn Farming Interview with Roger Zylstra, Iowa Corn Growers President

Richard Wilkins, ASA Executive CommitteeInterview with Richard Wilkins, ASA Executive Committee

Digital Storytelling from DeereThan Hartsock Presentation


2014 Bayer CropScience Corn & Soybean Future Forum Photos