Eco Agro Resources Introduces PENXCEL Technology Platform

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 6.33.30 PMU.S.-based Eco Agro Resources has expanded its portfolio with a delivery system for active ingredients in the agricultural fertilizer market, announced today at The Fertilizer Institute annual meeting in San Francisco, California. PENXCEL™ Technology is a unique formulation system developed to deliver fertilizer additives for dry and liquid fertilizer. The delivery system drives active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the prills or granules of solid fertilizer and allows the use of active ingredients previously deemed “impossible to be coated” on fertilizer. Patents have been filed for this formulation breakthrough.

PENEcoAgro logoXCEL has low viscosity, so it pours quickly even in the cold and easily coats fertilizer. It blends faster than other industry standard formulations, saving time during the critical application season. The end result is consistent fertilizer product that flows freely and performs in the field.

West Texas A&M Research shows that the PENXCEL system excels in the challenging field conditions of Texas, providing consistent results that are amplified under tougher conditions. The benefits of PENXCEL were demonstrated in the positive results with N YIELD™ nitrogen stabilizer. The researcher attributed the better activity to the more consistent application of the product to the fertilizer and to deeper penetration of urea prills.

Andrew Semple, chief executive officer of Eco Agro Resources observes, “Our PENXCEL Technology platform is a launching pad for a full line of innovative new products for improving the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers. Our fertilizer additive products, including N YIELD, N-BOUND™ and PHOS GAIN™ utilize PENXCEL Technology. It provides superior performance, blending and handling.” Semple concludes, “While Eco Agro Resources is a small, innovative U.S.-based company among a field of giants in the global fertilizer industry; we believe in innovation and remain committed to developing new and improved products for the benefit of the agricultural market.”