HR & Food Roundtable Thinks Outside the Box

2014 HR & Food RoundtableWhy is the annual HR & Food Roundtable keep growing each year? Because attendees note year after year that the presentations and workshops help them think outside the box. This year’s sold out event took place August 5-7, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Roundtable is the largest event dedicated specifically for human resource professionals who are looking for more effective and creative ways to recruit and retain employees in the ag industry.

This year’s lineup of speakers includes engaging topics such as becoming an AgVocate; the new rules of the workplace and revolutionary new performance metrics for quantifying employee value to an organization; factors influencing recruitment; uncovering unique talent; recruiting veterans; and getting input from the next ag professionals: the students.

View the 2014 HR & Food Roundtable photo album.

Interview with Eric Spell: Eric Spell Interview

Interview with Erika Osmundson: Interview With Erika Osmundson

Interview with Mary Barefoot: Interview With Mary Barefoot

Interview with Sarah Wilson: Sarah Wilson, Farmer on a Mission

Interview with Nicole Price: Nicole Price Interview

Interview with Ann Bares: Interview With Ann Bares

Interview with Ashley Heil: Interview With Ashley Heil

Interview with Bob Treadway: Interview With Bob Treadway