Swine Health Seminar Focuses on all Aspects of PCV2

Boehringer Ingelheim (BIVI) recently hosted its Swine Health Seminar in Dallas, Texas. The theme: Running the Option: A Multifaceted Approach to PCV2 (or Porcine Circovirus).

BIVI 2014 Swine Health SeminarThe virus was first discovered (or genetically identified) in 1974, and in essence, this year marks the 40th anniversary of PCV. Today, the virus has mutated into PCV2 a and b.

The Swine Health seminar covered all aspects of this virus from a diverse group of experts ranging from veterinarians from BIVI and Cargill Pork, researchers and international consultants. The in-depth presentations discussed diagnostics, control, protection and efficiency measures to prevalence and immunity, infield research, sow stability and vaccination. The event concluded with a roundtable discussion.

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BIVI Launches Two PED Initiatives: Interview with Greg Cline

PCV2 – A Retrospective: Interview with Dr. Brian Payne

PCV2 Vaccination Strategies: Interview with Dr. Michael Murtaugh

What is the Infection Chain of PCV2?: Interview with Dr. David Baumert

Extra Benefits of Sow + Piglet PCV2 Vaccinations: Interview with Dr. Robert Desrosiers